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Our Design Process

Our team has worked on a wide range of projects nationwide, providing design consulting, expert woodworking, and professional installation.

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Creating the perfect design for your unique space starts with a vision. And whether you are a highly trained interior designer or a new business owner, we work at your level to create that vision and make it come to life.

This starts with a free design consultation where we listen to your ideas and build on them until you are satisfied with the design plan. This strategy is the backbone to the project, so we put plenty of time and effort into not only the overall design of the space, but also the small details of finishes and fabrics.

Together, we can create quality custom furniture for your space.


During the production of your furniture we ensure three standards: that your pieces are custom, made from high-grade materials, and follow user-friendly construction techniques.

After turning initial sketches into fully rendered CAD drawings, we use our CNC machine to ensure the custom designs come to life with consistency and accuracy. The implementation of commercial-grade products guarantees the finished piece is not only appealing, but durable as well. Pair that with component type construction and you have fully functional, modular furniture pieces that allow your physical space to evolve along with your business.

With more than 100 years combined experience in the craftsmanship of quality custom furniture, our in-house production team is ready to take on your next project.


There is no need to worry about how you are going to successfully and quickly install the furniture we produce – because we can do it for you! Whether you are located here in Central Florida, or need the pieces installed abroad, our team won’t stop until the job is complete.

If you do want to install the furniture on your own, we provide user-friendly instructions to help you get your space together in no time. Have a concern about any of the pieces we produced further down the road? We are here to see your pieces stay beautiful and functional throughout their lifetime.

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